“Whether in accounting, purchasing, marketing, sales, or our production – as a prospective industrial management assistant, I am becoming familiar with all of the areas of our company during my apprenticeship.”

Alina Urda - Industrial Management Assistant Apprentice




Apprenticeship at Schreiner Group

Apprentices are appreciated as full-fledged employees, Alina Urda, being trained as an industrial management assistant, and Andreas Gareis, being trained as a flexoprinting technician, agree. A major advantage, they say, is the fact an apprentice passes through every department from research and development through to the finished product. Continuously assisted by a training coordinator, even our youngest colleagues feel fully integrated from day one.

You can become a lot of things with us, but above all, you can become really good.

Our experienced training instructors provide you with the responsibility and confidence required for your personal development. Choose from among ten different apprentice positions and learn hands-on alongside our current team of 50 apprentices.
Join our team of apprentices!

The Perfect Start to a Successful Career

After an introductory phase with support from apprentice advisors as well as a multi-day workshop in the mountains, you will learn the full diversity that Schreiner Group has to offer. This way, you get an in-depth insight into the various departments of the company over the course of your apprenticeship.  

We Support You!
We cover the costs of external test preparation courses.
We cover the costs of book and copier fees from vocational school. 

We Challenge and Encourage You
Professional education; cross-functional training; early assumption of responsibility; 

What’s the Next Step?
In the past, up to 90% of our apprentices have been hired after their apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Company of the Year

Schreiner Group was awarded the distinction of “Apprenticeship Company of the Year” for the first time in November 2015 as part of the Print & Media Awards.

Above all, the reason for this is the exceptionally good performance of Schreiner apprentices, which results from the highly professional and dedicated training provided by the apprenticeship supervisors. Five apprentices from Schreiner Group have been named “Germany’s Best”, meaning that they had the best examination results in all of Germany. The fact that these five best in Germany had been trained in different professions, speaks for a broad and high-quality apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeships have a very high priority at Schreiner Group because they make a major contribution to securing our future. This is why the company is so committed to our young talent.

In fact, you will find former apprentices in all areas of our company. A total of 11% of the 1,200 Schreiner Group employees are former apprentices. Even our managing partner, Roland Schreiner, began his professional career at the company in 1990 as an Industrial Management Assistant apprentice.

The Key to Success

Motivated apprentices and great final exam results are only achieved when you make the time and provide the resources for working with young talent. In September 2023, Schreiner Group welcomed 29 new apprentices. This means that a total of 58 apprentices are currently working for Schreiner Group. In addition to an apprenticeship officer, this requires a broad network of qualified trainers.