The Path to Your Application

You have invested time and effort in your job search and have come across us. Now, of course, you want to know how you can write a successful application and what will happen with it afterwards.

That is why we are happy to provide you with an insight into our application process as well as detailed information for each individual step.

Submitting Your Application

The selection of the right candidate is of vital importance to both the company and the employee. That is why we deliberately invest a lot of time in the selection process.

The best way to apply for a vacancy is by using our online form. As soon as we have received your documents we will send you an acknowledgement by email. Our HR Management team will review your application and discuss it with the respective manager. We may get in touch with you for a brief telephonic interview to clarify initial questions. 

You haven’t found anything that fits your profile among our listed vacancies? Then send us an unsolicited application. We will be pleased to check if a job opportunity for you might exist. This process will take a little more time because we will check your application against the requirements in various organizational functions, so we would ask you for a little patience in this case.

Interview and Orientation Day

If your application is found to suit our requirements, we will be pleased to invite you to a job interview at Oberschleissheim. You should plan about 2.5 hours for this. Following an interview with members of our HR Management and the respective functional manager, we would ask you to take a brief logic test and possibly a color vision test.

If you and we are equally convinced that this would be the right fit, we would arrange a date for an orientation day in the next step. You should take a little more time out for this appointment that will provide you with exciting insight into Schreiner Group during a company tour. At the same time, you will meet colleagues and learn more about the job and your future tasks.

As an applicant for an industrial job, you will have the opportunity to watch the team members at work and get involved a little yourself. For office jobs and managerial roles, you will work on some case studies relating to the particular function and discuss your proposed solution with us.

Welcome to Our Team!

If your orientation day is also successful, you will receive an offer of employment from us and we will be looking forward to welcoming you as a new Schreiner Group employee soon!

Unfortunately, not every application will lead directly to a position. Incorporating your application into our confidential pool of applications enables us to save your contact data for a certain period of time and contact you again as soon as an alternative starting point for a collaboration arises.