Schreiner Group in 90 seconds

More than 1,200 employees, annual sales of about 200 million euros generated with more than 2.5 billion high-tech labels, highly successful in the fields of Healthcare and Mobility: Schreiner Group is all this – and more. Our image video shows that we are an innovative high-tech company and expert provider of solutions to our renowned customers as well as an attractive employer for our motivated employees.

An Employer with a Future

You will benefit from our professional working conditions such as clean production facilities, attractive workspaces, beautiful grounds, as well as a certified occupational health and safety assessment system.

Take advantage of one of our many interesting prospects and join us in a secure future. Our family-run business is internationally positioned with production sites in New York and Shanghai. We owe our global success to our innovative products. They guarantee growth that is as rapid as it is stable, thus also ensuring future-proof jobs. Grow with us!

Working at Schreiner Group

Our two sales and project coordinators Aylin Burr and Felix Kirschenhofer talk about what makes the atmosphere at Schreiner Group special and why they enjoy going to work. The company, they say, is very professional and innovative – not only compared to other printing businesses. New employees receive a warm welcome with open arms, followed by an intensive onboarding process. The new product developments, they feel, are particularly exciting. Would they apply again? Absolutely!

A Company with Heart

Individual development goals are established in regular employee interviews and brought to fruition in the form of seminars and leadership programs. The quality of our employee orientation is regularly recognized with awards For example, part-time models as well as company-operated activities for children during school holidays and breaks make us a family-friendly company.

We place value on giving small gifts for birthdays or for Valentine’s Day. All of this contributes to our very positive working environment and unites us as a large community. We value ourselves and our colleagues even after working hours.

Working at Schreiner Group

The two printers, Sandro Esposito and Ugur Erdinc, are two “old hands” in the company, having worked for Schreiner Group for 11 and 34 years, respectively. Flexoprinter Sandro particularly appreciates the cleanliness on the shop floor and the fact that he is able to work independently. The best part, though, he says, are the colleagues. Ugur, who works in platemaking, agrees that teamwork is outstanding. Even after 34 years, he would not choose another company.

Why We Are Looking For You

If you are an experienced professional, a recent graduate, looking for an apprenticeship, applying for an internship, or just starting out on your career, then you have come to the right place! We are looking for people who want to develop their potential. As a high-growth company, we welcome each and every dedicated Schreiner Group employee that wants to take on responsibility, actively contribute with joy and determination, and make a difference with passion and commitment. We view ourselves as a large unit, which is why the team spirit and motivation of our employees is so important to us.

We make it easy for you to start working here. Detailed initial training plans and personal mentors are provided to every new employee. Have we piqued your interest?

Then apply either for a specific position or send us a general application.

Successful & Family-Friendly

The prize was awarded for the first time in 2016. Even then, Schreiner Group was one of the winners. In 2023, the prize was awarded for the fourth time. And Schreiner Group is among the winners this time too. The award is presented by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy together with the Bavarian State Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Affairs. The company competition recognizes the commitment of the 20 most family-friendly companies in Bavaria. The jury visited all shortlisted companies and assessed them on the basis of a variety of criteria.

Schreiner Group's individual part-time models, up to 60% home office, vacation care for children, targeted personnel development and easy access for employees returning from parental leave were recognized as particularly effective measures. Employees also benefit from support in finding accommodation as well as further training opportunities and individual development programs at the company's own academy.

Direct Employment: A Career with a Future

Innovation is deeply embedded in our company values. That is why we are looking for people who like to contribute and implement ideas, and who are used to taking innovative approaches. As a high-tech company with three international production locations, we are deeply familiar with a variety of industries. As a result, there are many interesting opportunities for your career.

Our philosophy: Encourage and challenge! From the very first day, we challenge you with demanding projects and high-responsibility tasks. In turn, we encourage your development through wellfounded continuing education courses and guarantee you that your work remains highly exciting. As a professional with several years of career experience, you have many options.

We make a strong case as to why we are the right company for you: Schreiner Group combines the security of a family business with the creative power of a high-tech company. With us, you will work in an inspiring environment as part of a motivated team. Our colleagues solve the challenges of our customers with passion and they are looking forward to having your expertise. Let us work together on your professional future.

Employee Development

The successes and innovations of Schreiner Group are made possible only through our well-educated employees. In a culture of continuous learning, the continued professional and personal development of employees is given a high priority and is initiated through the Department of Personnel Development. At Schreiner Group, personnel development is understood as a cooperative task among employees, management, and the Department of Personnel Development. Together, we develop individual and customized career advancements, for example, as part of the annual employee interviews.

Schreiner Group employees can advance through specialized company careers as well as internal and external training sessions. Schreiner Group’s management development programs support new managers in defining their roles and developing a unified understanding of leadership for the entire company together with experienced managers. Professional and academic development is encouraged and supported by the company.

Furthermore, Schreiner Group has its own training facility at its disposal with the Schreiner Academy. In addition to different inhouse seminars with external trainers, many measures are also designed by internal trainers. Our employees are educated in how to pass on knowledge to their colleagues professionally within the framework of the “Train the Trainer” concept.